Blurb: The Kolkata Rhapsody

Orphaned at a tender age of fourteen , Aliya Bhat did not know any other motherly love than the one showered upon her by her mother’s friend, Nina. But this love of hers  was challenged and questioned upon the arrival of the estranged and arrogant grandson of Nina.

What she had not expected was to find her opponent take her breath away everytime those stormy eyes caressed her with a promised passion. Not only she had to protect Nina, but also her heart, from this mercenary Casanova. But how could she do that when everytime they came across each other, every other person ceased to exist? She knew she had to fight it or be forever damned for loving a Heartbreaker.

Rahul Mukherjee was all prepared to sell off the old mansion of Calcutta and take his grandma back to London as per the wishes of his parents. But he was not prepared to fight a stubborn old lady with an equally stubborn ward. While his mind told him to catch the next flight back to London, his heart wanted to see the beautiful doe eyes burning with the same passion that had been giving him restless nights.

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Who Am I ?

Every writer often wonders if the path they have chosen is correct? The writing world is a marvelous world. But does that mean that we don’t have the pitfalls? We do and who am I to disperse that theory? For am I not a victim too?

Some of you might argue that this is not true or I am singing the song of sour grapes? (Yes I am. :)) Since this is my blog, I can. To hell with all the nitty gritties of the publishing world. They say criticism should motivate you. But there is no criticism in the writing world. There is not even a note saying your manuscript has been rejected or why it has been rejected.

But then I am a publsihed author. Of course this is my Psyeudoname. Damn proud of it too. Took me three days to come up with. Our darling Publisher offers me a book contract where I am supposed to buy hundred copies of my own book, if I were to be published. When we refuse, the whole community of reviewers and so called publicist black label you. Now to hell with you. If you are reading my post youare are my friend. Welcome to my blog.

From today onwards, I will write for myself. Till now I wrote for my Publisher @6% of sales. Thank God. I am a Housewife who doesn’t have to work for a living. Or my little Humpty and Dumpty would be standing in the social security line, while the stories knocking inside my head would make me go crazy.

So, all the writers out there.. lets have some fun and do what we do best.. WRITE….. 🙂



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